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Quellhorst Farm Venue

Hello, welcome to Quellhorst Farm Venue. Todd and I met a little over 3 years ago. It was love at first sight! After being married for about 8 months Todd started talking about retirement. He thought we should do something with the barn to keep him busy when that happens. He kept suggesting a store or drive through or such. I decided that would be to much for us to take care of. Especially, since I have 10 years before I can retire from being a dental hygienist. So, after some thought I came up with the venue idea.

The project began December 2016. Luckily that winter was very mild . We worked every night after work and on the weekends. Finally we were ready for our Grand opening. Which was October 28, 2017. It was a great success. We had several vendors here for couples to visit with as well as private tours of the barn going on.

We are still adding things. Coming in October we will have a an awning over the front part of the of barn built.  We currently offer air- conditioning on our lower floor for the summer months , but  are not able to provide heat in the winter months. There for if scheduling an event in November you may bring in propane heaters and or space heaters.  Our season runs May through the beginning of November.


There is a loft chapel area you may use for your ceremony as well as a Big back yard. Bathrooms and dressing rooms are also on the premise for your use. We are able to seat 175 guests  comfortably. 


Please take a look around our site and let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

 Thank You,

Todd and Pam Quellhorst